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Below are some common questions about the North Blaine County Fire District. If you have questions, please submit them to

  • Where is the North Blaine County Fire District?
    The North Blaine County Fire District extends from north of Hailey to just south of Ketchum and then north of Ketchum to just south of Stanley. It is the non-incorporated land of northern Blaine County. We respond as mutual aid to districts around our locations.
  • If I have an emergency, who responds?
    Depending on the type of emergency, you will have responders from North Blaine County Fire Stations at Greenhorn and Griffin Butte, and/or Sun Valley Fire. Strong auto aid and mutual aid agreements ensure that larger instances will be responded to by other departments in the valley.
  • Do I have to shovel out my fire hydrant during the winter / cut the grass around the hydrant during the summer?
    Yes please. For more information on hydrants, please see the Public Education page on this website.
  • What is my tax rate for the North Blaine County Fire District?
    Answer being formulated....stay tuned.
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