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We will be implementing a new cistern maintenance and testing program in the rural district.  

NBCFD will implement the rural water supply plan this spring with the assistance of the rural shift assist program.  We will swap out rural shift assist personnel with SVFD duty staff so everyone can familiarize themselves with the rural water supply plan. This program will help familiarize our firefighters with NBCFD, enhance responder safety, reduce the risk for our citizens, and improve the quality of life for all.

Some Local Cistern Facts:

  • FIRE CISTERNS are reliable year round dedicated water sources for fire fighting, often required when there is no central piped water supply in the area.

  • DRY HYDRANTS are unpressurized, permanently installed pipe that has one end below the water level of a lake or pond.

  • There are over 160 cisterns and dry hydrants in the North Blaine County Fire District.

  • Adams Gulch, Lake Creek, Glassford Heights, Barlow Road, Eagle Creek, Chocolate Gulch, Fox Creek, Warm Springs, Gimlet Broadway Run, East Fork.

  • Hydrant identifiers with the black in the middle indicates it is a static water supply.  Two blue’s indicate that it is a pressurized hydrant.



Test all non- pressurized water system to meet the minimum criteria of the Idaho Surveying and Rating Bureau. 


The plan will, 

  • Be reliable

  • Be accessible

  • Include updated Water Usage Agreements

  • Outline and implement positive identification markers

  • Create calendar for annual tests and visual inspections


Key points to the plan will ensure consistency in how we maintain, identify, and test the rural water supply systems throughout the Wood River Valley.   Responders will be equipped with three ring binders for each neighborhood with photo’s of the cisterns/dry hydrants and water use agreements for quick reference and an updated and accurate master list of all rural water supplies.  Additionally, homeowners will be contacted with any issues and we will follow up to make sure all issues are resolved.

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