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Fire Engine Connecting to Water Cistern

Since partnering with the City of Sun Valley, the District has implemented a new cistern maintenance and testing program within the district.  

 SVFD duty  and on-call staff continues to familiarize themselves with the rural water supply plan, which enhances responder safety, reduces the risk for our citizens, and improves the quality of life for all.

Some Local Cistern Facts:

  • FIRE CISTERNS are reliable year round dedicated water sources for fire fighting, often required when there is no central piped water supply in the area.

  • DRY HYDRANTS are unpressurized, permanently installed pipe that has one end below the water level of a lake, pond, or river.

  • There are over 160 cisterns and dry hydrants in the North Blaine County Fire District.

  • Hydrant identifiers with the black in the middle indicates it is a static water supply.  Two blue’s indicate that it is a pressurized hydrant.



Test all non- pressurized water systems to meet the minimum criteria of the Idaho Surveying and Rating Bureau. 


The plan ensures 

  • Reliable hydrants and water cisterns when they are needed

  • Accessibility - Hydrants and Cisterns are free of snow and plant growth that could impede their accessibility                                                in an emergency

  • Development of  Water Usage Agreements - Property owners giving permission for a cistern on their                                                  property to be used for a neighboring property

  • Outline and implementation of positive identification markers

  • Annual testing and visual assessment of hydrants and cisterns throughout the District


Key points to the plan establish consistency in how we maintain, identify, and test the rural water supply systems throughout the North Blaine County Fire District. Additionally, homeowners are contacted with any issues regarding cisterns or hydrants on their property, and we follow up to make sure all issues are resolved.

Standardized identifiers of static and pressurized water supplies.
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