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Safety Tips for Winter Weather

Did you know that home fires occur more in winter than in any other season? Here are some things to review and update in your home to keep you safe.

  • Working smoke alarms are especially important during a loss of power when people may use alternate forms of heating equipment, portable generators and candles.

  • Never use candles for emergency lighting.

  • Many things in your home can catch fire if they are too close to a candle's flame.

  • Use flashlights for emergency lighting and stock up on batteries.

  • Have a qualified repair company or licensed electrician inspect water-damaged appliances and home wiring after a flood.

  • Portable generators are useful during storms, but if not used safely, they can cause injury and death.

  • Keep portable generators outside, away from windows, and as far away as possible from your home.

  • Install and test carbon monoxide alarms at least once a month.

Also remember to shovel the snow around your hydrant when you shovel your drive. We recommend at least a 3 foot radius. Additionally, add clearing snow from your house numbers at the same time so first responders can easily see your address.

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